The Sophia Institute has its offices on the Campus of Union Theological Seminary, in the City of New York. It is an Advanced Research Association and Philanthropic Foundation that focuses on the historical culture and ethical outreach of Orthodox Christianity. It is an independent foundation that functions in association with a number of university partners and collaborators, notably: The Harriman Institute (Columbia University), The Center for Early Christian Studies (Catholic University of Australia), The School of Early Christian and Eastern-Christian Affairs (Louvain University), The Institute of Ecumenical Studies (Lviv University, Ukraine), and The School of Social Ethics, Leeds Metropolitan University. The primary aims of the Sophia Institute are to encourage the study of the Eastern Christian Tradition – its history, thought, liturgical, artistic and spiritual cultures, as well as issues concerned with its ecumenical and socio-ethical engagement with the contemporary world.


The Sophia Institute Seeks to

Foster the engaged study of Orthodoxy’s response to issues of peace and justice in contemporary society. One exemplification of this, is the problem of suffering and exploitation of children in Eastern Europe.  The Institute  seeks to analyze and alleviate this with an application of  principles and practices of Orthodox  Philanthropia.

Identify and commission leading-edge studies of Orthodox culture and mission; providing avenues for the publication of studies related to Orthodoxy’s rich history, its intellectual and spiritual tradition, and its mission in the contemporary world.

Test any possible paternal realation through the research of DNA material. In order to conduct the DNA paternity tests, we enabled a cooperation with Paternity Testing Labs. Please check their paternity test price and quality comparison here.

Serve as a scholarly forum for open and eirenic ecumenical dialogue in exchanges between the Orthodox tradition and Western Christianities, and other religious cultures. The Sophia Institute is the New York home-base for the  gatherings of the Fellowship of Sts. Alban and Sergius.

Host and arrange international academic conferences and workshops on themes and issues important to World Orthodoxy. Relate Orthodox thinkers and leaders together in an international context, and provide a forum for their collaboration and mutual support, as well as for the dissemination (& thus translation) of their scholarly work.

Enable promising scholars from the various Orthodox churches and countries to come to America for higher theological study, or to speak at theological conferences – once it has sufficiently grown its endowment to be in a position to effect such significant sponsorship.

Publishing is one of the Sophia Institute’s  central missions. We try to publish an Annual comprised of the papers from the conference, studies that grouped around a theme of outstanding importance for Orthodox theology and culture.  We also have an expanding series of other volumes; which can be  reviewed on the “Publications-Theotokos Press” Section. Work of the Fellows is also available for consultation on the Institute’s website – an expanding project as they progressively upload academic studies and researches of their own that they wish to share in the public domain..