The Sophia Institute (International Research Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture) exists as an advanced Research Forum based in New York, dedicated to a mission of fostering the study of the Eastern Christian Tradition, and demonstrating the engagement of its ethical and philanthropic principles with the problems of the contemporary world.

It serves as a gathering force for the work of contemporary Orthodox scholars, theologians, spiritual teachers, and ethicists. Established Orthodox scholars (with an earned Doctorate and publications) are invited to apply as Senior Fellows.  Orthodox theologians, historians, or scholars in other  areas, interested in Eastern Christian culture, who have graduated with a Master’s degree, are welcome to apply for admission as Fellows of the Institute.  Leading Orthodox figures from outside Academia may also be nominated, by existing Senior Fellows, to the Society of Fellows. There will also be an ecumenical association available with Sophia for those who are interested in Eastern Christian culture but are not presently members of the Orthodox Church. Scholars in this category, holding a master’s degree or higher, can apply to the President of Sophia for admission as Associate Fellows. The Council of Senior Fellows will serve as an advisory Body for matters concerning the academic mission of the Institute.  It is expected that the gathering together of such a body as represented by the Fellows and Associates of the Sophia Institute, for the regular interchange of ideas and news of scholarship, and as a forum of expressed concerns, will be a very significant event in the  intellectual life of the Orthodox in America. There will ordinarily be a yearly Conference sponsored by the Institute, to which all Fellows and Associates will be invited, during which will take place the Annual General Meeting of the Council of Fellows. The Institute will aim to publish an annual scholarly volume (Sophia Studies in Orthodox Theology) which will showcase the  academic papers from the Conferences. We are now in our 8th volume of these monographs (see www.sophiainstitutenyc.org). The Institute, from time to time may also assist in the sponsoring of other academic projects. Consider, for example:  The Orthodox Church – An Introduction to Its History, Doctrine and Spiritual Culture (Blackwell-Wiley, 2008), and The Blackwell-Wiley Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity (2 vols. 2010 written by an international team of orthodox scholars, including several of our own Fellows).

It is hoped that the gathering together of such a senior body of Orthodox intellectuals in a University-based forum, will be a development of great significance for Orthodox Higher Education; a meeting ground of national and international significance, where male and female, lay, monastic and clerical, Orthodox voices can meet on a level plain, for common enlightenment, and concerted action in the service of Christ’s Church. The Society of Fellows & Associates was inaugurated at the First Annual Conference on December 5th 2008.

Further Details from:         V. Revd. Prof. John A. McGuckin.   [email protected]