Call for Academic Papers

The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

For the Ninth Annual Conference of the Sophia Institute, to be held 2 December 2016, we call on our scholarly family for offers of Academic Short Paper Titles related to the Conference Theme: The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church.

Titles, please, with one page short Abstracts, email and address details, from those with a Master’s degree or above, to: Prof. John McGuckin [email protected] STRICTLY BEFORE OCTOBER 31S T 2016 the closure date. The Conference will take place on the campus of Union Theological Seminary (3041 Broadway @ 121st St, New York. NY 10027). On Friday, December 2nd, 2016. The Day-long gathering ( to 6.00 pm—with registration beginning at 8am), will focus on the various ways the Eastern Orthodox Church, over past centuries and in recent times, has approached the dominant and central theme of spiritual transcendence. The Conference title clearly evokes the work of Vladimir Lossky, whose study of this name was so influential in opening up to the wider Christian world aspects of the inner spiritual traditions of Orthodoxy. Our approach to the concept will probably follow a wider arc: considering the Orthodox world’s approach to spirituality through philosophy, theology, asceticism, literature, monastic and lay prayer traditions, as well as liturgy. Correlated themes such as the evocation of a transcendent ethos in Church architecture and art are equally possible ways of approaching the notion: as clearly are also ethical and political avenues of enquiry. We will cover a time span from The New Testament, through Byzantium, to contemporary Church life. The Orthodox Church has an ancient and immensely rich spiritual tradition that embraces the so-called ‘mystical’ (or secret) inner theological tradition, as well as at the same time fully embodying the more public paths of a world-engaged and committed manner of living in society….the mysticism of “liturgie après la liturgie.”

There are spaces for 16 communications this year.

The Sophia Annual Conferences are aimed at producing scholarly volumes on major themes of Orthodox life and Culture that require exposition and re-statement in our modern world. We believe that the present Conference Topic will be of great interest, because of its outstanding importance in a world thirsting for authentic sources of Christian Spirituality. We will plan for it as a volume in our Sophia Studies in Orthodox Theology Series that will continue the ground-breaking approach characteristic of previous Conferences.